Jason Bradley – South Africa’s Country Legend in the Making

Jason Bradley – South Africa’s Country Legend in the Making


Sexy, talented, charming, loving, passionate, dedicated, successful, modest and on his way to international stardom… That just about sums up local Modern Country Singer, Jason Bradley.

Born in the little town of Senekal in the Orange Free-State, his love for music started at a very young age, and when he was only four years old, his father gave him a special gift – his very own guitar. The rest is history.

Along with his unbelievable singing talent, Jason not only plays the guitar, but can also play drums, piano, base trumpet and the accordion. His diverse talent for music lead him to spend a few years in the UK, where he played and sang in local pubs. He launched his come back to South Africa in 2003 by honing his skills as a singer and guitar player, and by mastering the true art of performing “new country” styles. His passion for this type of music was ignited when he was driving a car that he had just bought, listening to a Brad Palsley CD that the previous owner had left in the car. With Palsley as his role model, steely determination, buckets full of talent and a larger than life personality, Jason set out on his journey to the top.

Just a few of many highlights on his amazing journey:

2007 –
The “rookie” was introduced to “Big Daddy” Lance James, who was immediately impressed by his talent. Lance James remains a huge inspiration to this day. Jason recorded his first album, “We Danced”, followed by his next album, “Katy Brought My Guitar Back Today”.

2008 –
He became part of the all-star-line-up of the Country Legends & Friends Show at Carnival City.

2009 – Jason was invited back to the Country Legends & Friends Show. He also featured on the KykNet Country television show with Juanita du Plessis and had the honour of sharing the stage with Tommy Dell. He released his third album, “Wish You Were Here”.

2010 – He went to Nashville Tennessee, home of international Country Singers via an invitation from Curb Records, the studio that produced artists such as Lee-Anne Rimes and Tim McGraw. While performing in Nashville, he met Kenny Rogers and Keith Urban.

2011 – Jason Bradley released his first HIT Album, “Tequila makes her clothes fall off”. He went on to receive an award for Best Newcomer at the Country Music Awards.

2012 – He launched his BEST SELLING album, “This is Country Music”. In the same year he received a Gospel Country Award for “Three Wooden Crosses”.

2013 – Jason was “signed” by one of South Africa’s biggest Record Lables. His album, “Dirt Road” produced by Bruce Wallace and mastered at Studio 301 in Australia.

2014 – He performed at the “Oosrand Stereo Opskop” at Carnival City, where one of the presenters said, and I quote, “Jason Bradley is world class”. The biggest and proudest moment of his music career happened on the 4th of October at Carnival City, when his five year old son, Keagan, shared the stage with him in front of three-thousand-five-hundred people during the Country Legends and Friends Show. Keagan joined his father on stage to sing the song “I’ve been watching you”. The audience absolutely loved their performance. Will this young talented boy follow in his famous father’s footsteps? At least three-thousand-five-hundred people certainly hope so!

What is next for Jason? The answer is obvious…

Another step up on the ladder of Country Music legends of course. He has been invited to New Zealand, where he will be performing at the Marton Country Festival as 2015’s “international artist”. While he’s in New Zealand, he will also be performing at the Festival of Lights.

On his return from New Zealand, our Country Hero plans to spend a bit of quality time with his family, but we can all look forward to seeing a lot of him in 2015. A definite highlight for all of us will be to see him perform on the next season of Noot vir Noot this year.

Jason Bradley is without a doubt on his way to becoming South Africa’s best “Modern Country” artist. He has mastered the art of performing “new country styles”, and he does it with a burning passion. His album, “Dirt Road”, has put South African Country Music on the international scene, and is sure to set him on his way to becoming an international “Modern Country” Star!

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    Good luck on your New Zealand tour!