Slender Wonder Weight Loss Programme

Slender Wonder Weight Loss Programme


We have an excellent success rate because Slender Wonder focuses on the CAUSE of obesity and NOT the symptoms (visit our website at to read patient testimonials).

Slender Wonder is a Medical Weight Loss Programme. This is not a diet based on kilojoules, it is a formula based on a low GI diet. Together with the Slender Wonder products (shake and tablets) as well as the injections, it is a formula which ‘enables’ the body to improve Leptin sensitivity.

Men can lose between 7 – 10 kilograms & women 4 – 6 kilograms in their first month. By the time you reach the maintenance phase, your Leptin levels should be restored preventing you from putting on the weight again AS LONG AS YOU MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

The Programme:
Make an appointment with a Slender Wonder doctor in your area.

The system was scientifically proven to ensure only the loss of non-structural bad” fat, and not a reduction in kilograms due to the loss of muscle or water, monitored by performing regular Body Stats. Ask your Slender Wonder Doctor about the Body Stat procedure.

The programme has 5 phases:

Phase 1 – Stimulation Phase:

Phase 2 – Detox Phase:

Phase 3 -Weight Loss Phase:!

Phase 4 -Stabilisation Phase:After you have reached your goal weight, you have to follow the stabilisation-eating plan.. FAILURE TO DO THE STABILISATION MONTH WILL RESULT IN WEIGHT GAIN!

Phase 5 – Maintenance Phase:

The Slender Wonder products can ONLY be purchased from your Slender Wonder doctor.
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