Why a face clean-up is essential

Why a face clean-up is essential


Your face tends to get dry and parched during this season. Read on to know more about why a clean-up is necessary at this time

Retains moisture

A clean-up basically helps to clean your face and also retain the moisture in your skin. As the weather gets cooler, your face tends to get dry and itchy. Since the products used in a clean-up are cream-based, your skin stays nourished for a long duration of time.

Nourishes dry areas of your face

Apart from retaining moisture, a facial clean up also nourishes the dry areas on your face. It provides the right amount of hydration which your face requires during this season.

It exfoliates the dead skin cells

Your skin tends to accumulate dead skin cells during this weather. Since your face does not sweat as much during this time, it is ideal to go for a facial clean up where your face can get exfoliated and the dead skin cells be removed.

A moisturizing face pack does the trick

A nourishing and a hydrating face pack helps keep your skin moisturized for a long period of time. Usually milk and cream based face packs are used by beauticians during this season to make your skin soft and supple.